status update on cerowrt

Dave Taht dave.taht at
Tue Aug 23 14:35:11 EDT 2011

On RC5...
with 10 routers deployed by me thus far and what appears to be another
16 deployed by volunteers, I think the beta is going fairly well. I do
not know of any crash bugs to date! I'm very interested in further
feedback as to performance, speed, and reliability overall, too.

that said, the number of bugs filed thus far strongly suggest we are
2-3 release candidates away from 1.0. Also the churn in the openwrt
head tree - as patches like the upgrade to ditg-2.8-rc1 - are pushed
in - has been pretty large. I am still holding off from a general code
freeze due to that.

With RC6 - which I'll try to get out by the middle of next week, I
hope to address a few more of the nagging problems we have, notably
making cerowrt independently buildable again, especially for the
bismark folk. And finally get some A/B testing in vs the factory

Keep the bug reports coming!

Dave Täht
SKYPE: davetaht
US Tel: 1-239-829-5608

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