[homenet] Source-specific routes in Linux [was: atomic updates...]

Steven Barth cyrus at openwrt.org
Wed May 8 08:54:28 EDT 2013

On 08.05.2013 12:58, Ole Troan wrote:
> at least we're on the same track (and I think the correct one). ;-)
> on the border router this is quite simple. if a border router uses PD and it discovers a default router on the same interface,
> that will result in a SADR route (S, D) -> interface, next-hop. where S is PD prefix, D is ::/0, interface is the interface the PD was received
> on and next-hop is whatever router discovery came back with.
> the issue is with internal routers, where you may have an internal router connected to two exits on the same link, or behind another
> IR that is connected to both..., i.e. arbitrary topology.
OK, thanks again for the explanation. I think I will add an additional 
routing-table-ID parameter to the network daemon. This way any routing 
daemon that is going to be properly integrated into OpenWrt can select a 
target table for each route, prefix, etc.



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