Naeem Khademi naeem.khademi at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 13:39:34 EDT 2013

> I think you are correct in that the adaptive RED code never formally made
> it into SFQRED. SFQRED was a brief blip in time before codel showed up...
> I'd talked about it in that talk as a steppingstone in hybrid fq+aqm
> history. (prior to that we were working with qfq + red as entirely
> separate, modular qdiscs). So... oops.

Thanks for clarification, so the answer is "no".

> I think the work was interesting and valuable, and if you want to play
> with the ARED variant probably all you have to do is OR in the
> TC_ADAPTATIVE value into the flags on the red setup in sch_sfq.c

I'm not completely sure about this, but I'll give it a try and thanks for
the hint.

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