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Kartik Agaram ak at akkartik.com
Fri Mar 6 16:38:06 EST 2015

Has HTTP/2[1] been discussed on this list?[2] I've been thinking about
bufferbloat as I read the spec, and had a couple of questions that weren't
answered in the FAQ[3]:

1. HTTP/2 reduces the number of connections per webpage. Assume for a
second that all players instantaneously adopt HTTP/2 and so reduce their
buffer sizes everywhere. Latencies will improve and there'll be less
congestion. Now back to the real world with people building websites,
trying to improve performance of websites and devices all over the place.
Will bufferbloat stay eradicated, or will the gains be temporary?

2. More generally, is there any technical way for bufferbloat to stay
solved? Or is it an inevitable tragedy of the commons dynamic that we just
have to live with and make temporary dents in?

3. Has there been discussion of solving bufferbloat at the TCP layer, by
making buffers harder to fill up? I'm thinking of heuristics like
disallowing a single site from using 80% of the buffer, thereby leaving
some slack available for other bursty requirements.

I'm sure these questions are quite naive. Pointers to further reading
greatly appreciated.


[1] https://insouciant.org/tech/http-slash-2-considerations-and-tradeoffs

[2] Google search on "site:https://lists.bufferbloat.net" didn't turn up
anything, and I get "permission denied" when trying to access the
downloadable archives at https://lists.bufferbloat.net/pipermail/bloat.

[3] https://gettys.wordpress.com/bufferbloat-faq
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