[Bloat] [Bulk] Re: Motivating commercial entities? tell the sales manager

David Collier-Brown davec-b at rogers.com
Thu Mar 5 07:46:55 EST 2015

There is an advantage for members of the Alliance to step out ahead of 
the pack, especially if they build components used in both portables and 
base stations, and then a lesser advantage that they still interoperate 
with less advanced systems.

A group like the Alliance would be more interested in having the 
technology implemented the same way for everyone, so as not to fragment 
the business and reduce everyone's profits.

If either of those motivations provides a way in, then so much the 
better.  If the Alliance does a technical conference, a presentation on 
how wired performance was improved might be interesting to their members.


On 03/03/2015 04:20 PM, Jonathan Morton wrote:
> It strikes me that the Wi-Fi Alliance might be able to help with the 
> marketing side of deployment once we solve the Wi-Fi specific 
> problems. They have a certification process which, at least in theory, 
> could help ensure that implementations actually work as advertised in 
> practice.
> The trick of course is that membership with them is expensive and you 
> need to show a genuine business interest, rather than a technical one. 
> Maybe there's a back route for bringing technical things to their 
> attention.
> If so, and if we can find it, we might start seeing "Responsive 
> Wi-Fi™" on boxes next year.
> - Jonathan Morton

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