[Bloat] doing better videoconferencing and voip emulation and analysis?

Dave Täht dave at taht.net
Fri Feb 12 13:47:44 EST 2016

A *long* while ago I had started at an attempt to do some better voip
and videoconferencing emulation. I stopped primarily due to:

A) wanting a *good* three way UDP handshake to kick off the protocol
(thus avoiding the DDOS possibilities)

B) No money

C) Not wanting to write it in C (and the low level features needed like
sendmmsg and manipulating low level ip header constructs like qos and
ecn seem hard to get at in many other languages)

D) hoping that some other protocol (like QUIC) could be used for it instead.

Anyway, my first attempt at describing what I wanted to do ended up
here, before I realized how much work it would be.


And I'm really tempted to go write something new in go or rust (Not C!
Need a break from C!), or leverage some other rtp/sip benchmarking tool.
Has any other libraries or benchmarks shown up worth leveraging to
tackle these problems?

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