[Bloat] Revival of the bufferbloat.net site

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Sat Jun 11 14:47:00 EDT 2016

So, I finished the conversion of the bufferbloat.net wiki page to a
static version build with the Hugo site generator. The DNS updates are
almost finished propagating, which means that the new site should be
available soon. If your DNS has not updated yet, you can access it by
this URL:


The conversion includes the wiki pages of the bloat, cerowrt, codel and
make-wifi-fast projects in the old redmine installation. It should be
fairly complete as far as these parts are concerned, and the old links
should start working as the DNS update propagation finishes.

Now, there are still some rough patches on the conversion. I plan to
convert over the attachments to the wiki pages and the news items from
the old site. I am also thinking that having the old issue pages
available might be good, but haven't been able to figure out exactly how
redmine stores them (database model here:

The source files for the site are available on github:
https://github.com/tohojo/bufferbloat-net -- if anyone wants to help
out, filing issues with the new site would be a way to do that. Once I'm
satisfied that the conversion scripts have done their job I figure we
can also start improving the content itself by pull requests to the
markdown source files; but I'd advise people to hold off on this until
the risk of everything being overridden by another run of the conversion
script is not so imminent ;)

Oh, and I am aware that the ssl certificate is wrong right now. As soon
as the letsencrypt servers start seeing the new DNS information I'll put
in a working cert. In the meantime, access the site via plain http, or
add an exception for the current cert.


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