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> On Nov 23, 2016, at 18:31, Mikael Abrahamsson <swmike at swm.pp.se> wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Nov 2016, Benjamin Cronce wrote:
>> If there is a simple affordable solution, say Open/DD-WRT distro based bridge that all you do is configure your up/down bandwidth and it applies Codel/fq-Codel/Cake, then all you need to do is drive up awareness. A good channel for awareness would be getting in contact with popular Twitch or YouTube gaming streamers. But I wouldn't put much effort into driving up awareness until there is a device that people can easily acquire, use, and afford. At first I was thinking of telling people to use *-WRT supporting routers, but changing the firmware on your router requires too much research, and many people care about bleeding edge features. You need something that works in tangent with whatever they are using.
> If Comcast sells you 100/20 (I have no idea if this is a thing), you set your upstream on this box to 18 meg fq_codel, and then Comcast oversubscribes you so you only get 15 meg up part of the time, then you're still bloated by the modem. This is not a solution.

since Comcast will roll-out DOCSIS3.1 modems any time now, the inbuilt PIE AQM will solve the variable upstream problem relatively well, but that still does not fix the downstream. Also oversubscription/congestion is not unique on DOCSIS systems, most ISPs have somewhere some bandwidth link that is oversubscribed (e.g. the uplink connection of aDSLAM) and there the problem is the same as on cable, namely we can only control the local bottleneck. 

> I don't think "buy $thing, install *WRT on it, configure it like this" is above most gamers, but I'm afraid we don't even have a working solution for someone with that kind of skillset.

	Well we have something that can solve a big part of the problem “self-induuced” congestion on the last mile, while not a solution to all latency increase under load certainly a worthwhile improvement. Or put differently this will not remedy bandwidth competition with other subscribers, but it can solve the bandwidth competition with other local users (behind the same CPE).
Maybe we need to document better the scope of what we can and can not “deliver”?

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