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> Some further reading on the issue
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> https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2530363
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As a result of the following conversation between Dave & myself.

>> Opinions on doing a PR for LEDE so they can enjoy(/crash) the fruits of our latest cobalt.  They’re currently missing ingress mode & ack filtering filtering toys.
> Nah. Let's get it into net-next first this time. I would hope for some
> good comments.

LEDE master until very recently (a week) still had old versions of cake & tc.  Since the upstreaming appears to have stalled on a technical issue, I took the opportunity to update LEDE master.  I had submitted patches for 17.01 yesterday, after having let master ’stew’ a bit in case of problems,  but subsequently pulled them this morning due to new arrivals (and discrepancies) in the cake repo.

As of this email - LEDE master has a full featured cake/cobalt but with a double overhead bug.  LEDE 17.01 has a much older, pre ingress mode, pre ack filter version.

Once the cake repo is sorted out I can redo & resubmit the patches for both master & 1701 - and with a bit of luck we’ll all be in an even place again.


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