[Bloat] [Codel] The "Some Congestion Experienced" ECN codepoint - a new internet draft -

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 06:11:47 EDT 2019

Everybody, calm down. I put this out merely to get comment before we
submitted the first of several drafts. That draft is now submitted and
we've asked for a talk slot in the tsvwg for it. I cc'd the world to
get quick initial feedback, and I want to shut this overbroad
conversation down and move it to just the ecn-sane mailing list.

The l4s mailing list is dead, and the debates on the AQM mailing list and here,
unhelpful - for decades. So, back in august I started a new working
group here, under house rules that I thought would be more productive,
and asked that people that wanted to debate ecn more sanely, join. few

And jon and I have been working for months (and largely not on the
list) to try and create a compromise proposal of which y'all just saw
the first output. There's more in the bufferbloat-rfcs repo.

The rules for joining the ecn-sane list are simple - take the time to
step back and write a write a short position paper, and join (or
create) a team. You needn't do that immediately. If you disagree with
the rules of operation of the ecn-sane working group, submit a pull
request or file a bug on the web site. where we can discuss it.

Ironically our ssl cert just expired and I don't remember how to fix it.

Please join the ecn-sane mailing list for discussing this stuff and
stop cc-ing the whole bufferbloat.net  world on it, please.

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