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Jonathan Bennett jonathanbennett at hackaday.com
Wed Aug 4 16:08:03 EDT 2021

> The Compute Module 4 exposes the same integrated Ethernet port, and a
> PCIe lane in place of the USB 3 chipset (the latter being attached to
> the former in the standard Pi 4B).  This obviously allows attaching at
> least one real GigE port (with a free choice of PCIe-based chipset) at
> full line rate, without the intermediate step of USB.  I think it
> would be reasonable to include a small Ethernet switch downstream of
> this, matching the connectivity of typical CPE on the LAN side.  If a
> PCIe switch is inserted, then a choice of Mini-PCIe Wifi cards can be
> installed, with cables running to the normal array of external
> antennae, sidestepping the problem of USB Wifi dongles.

I would hype the heck out of a router-style carrier board.  I'd even buy a
bunch myself, for that matter. I used to make good money by putting OpenWRT
on cheap routers for small businesses.

I've had good success chatting with Eben about Hackaday articles. If this
were to become more than a pipe dream, we could reach out to him, to see if
the Pi Foundation had any interest in backing a Pi router carrier board
that beats bufferbloat.

--Jonathan Bennett
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