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Dave Collier-Brown dave.collier-brown at indexexchange.com
Mon Aug 9 20:27:12 EDT 2021

Knowing programmers, I'd more likely assume latency when it's easiest to measure. At a guess, either

  *   average of upload or download
  *   average of download (as it comes first)

--dave (call me "Wally" (:-)) c-b

On 2021-08-09 4:24 p.m., Jonathan Morton wrote:

On 9 Aug, 2021, at 10:25 pm, Dave Collier-Brown <dave.collier-brown at indexexchange.com><mailto:dave.collier-brown at indexexchange.com> wrote:

My run of it reported latency, but without any qualifiers...

One would reasonable assume that's idle latency, then.

 - Jonathan Morton
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