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Matt Mathis mattmathis at google.com
Tue Aug 10 00:51:54 EDT 2021

I am part of the M-Lab team.

For years we published a "jitter" metric that I considered to be bogus,
basically max_rtt - min_rtt, (which were builtin Web100 instruments).

In 2019, we transitioned from web100 to "standard" linux tcp_info, which
does not capture max_rtt.   Since the web100 jitter was viewed as bogus, we
did not attempt to reconstruct it, although we could have.   Designing and
implementing a new latency metric was on my todo list from the beginning of
that transition, but chronically preempted by more pressing problems.

It finally made it to the top of my queue which is why I am suddenly not
lurking here and the new rpm list.  I was very happy to see the Apple
responsiveness metric, and realized that M-Lab can implement a TCP
version of it, that can be computed both in real time on future tests and
retroactively over archived tests collected over the last 12 years.

This quick paper might be of interest: Preliminary Longitudinal Study of
Internet Responsiveness
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On Mon, Aug 9, 2021 at 5:27 PM Dave Collier-Brown <
dave.collier-brown at indexexchange.com> wrote:

> Knowing programmers, I'd more likely assume latency when it's easiest to
> measure. At a guess, either
>    - average of upload or download
>    - average of download (as it comes first)
> --dave (call me "Wally" (:-)) c-b
> On 2021-08-09 4:24 p.m., Jonathan Morton wrote:
> On 9 Aug, 2021, at 10:25 pm, Dave Collier-Brown <dave.collier-brown at indexexchange.com> <dave.collier-brown at indexexchange.com> wrote:
> My run of it reported latency, but without any qualifiers...
> One would reasonable assume that's idle latency, then.
>  - Jonathan Morton
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