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Dave Collier-Brown dave.collier-brown at indexexchange.com
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On 2021-08-19 11:48 a.m., Christoph Paasch via Bloat wrote:

> I agree. Just measuring RPM is not useful. As one can have excellent RPM but
> still have an Internet connection that is barely usable.
> However, I still believe that a single score for the user would be great
> (that score would not be RPM though). This score should group together a
> large list of network-properties (RPM, goodput, idle latency, protocol
> conformance,...) and express a value of utility to the user that express how
> its user-experience is affected. It would make it much easier for non-technical
> users to compare the quality of their Internet without just focusing on a
> single throughput-metric.
> But that is a different topic than RPM ;-)
I can't actually draw a picture of it here, but there's a good way to
show multiple limiting factor graphically. One is with a bucket,
http://www.imthird.org/the-limiting-factor-concept, but for comparisons
I like a simpler one

For an example, imagine a large letter "Y" with the stem labelled
"throughput", one arm labelled "latency" and the other "RPM". There's  a
dotted-line circle drawn over it so that the two arms touch the circle,
and the stem sticks out through it.

The diameter of the circle is the "goodness" of the connection, and you
can line up diagrams like this for Bell, Rogers and Telus and see that
they all have fine throughput but lousy latency and RPM. And it extends
to multiple dimensions as well as multiple suppliers, so you could have
a five-legged Y if you wanted. I like three, myself.

I first saw this used for nutrients in the first edition of "Diet for a
Small Planet", but the editors found it too nerdy and talked the author
into taking it out (:-()


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