[Bloat] DSLReports Speed Test doesn't like Remote Desktop

Kenneth Porter shiva at sewingwitch.com
Fri Aug 27 17:56:57 EDT 2021

Mea culpa! PEBCAK.

I forgot that I had one PC manually configured to use a different router 
and modem. I've got a cheap service on the other one as a backup in case my 
high speed Comcast goes down. (Usually because someone hits a pole between 
here and the CMTS.) I switched to the good router and now I'm seeing good 
numbers from DSLReports:



This is through an XB3 modem and Zyxel running OpenWrt with cake.

With SQM disabled (and hence no speed cap):



Both grant an A for bufferbloat. It looks like my service improved since 
the last time I tuned cake, when I set the cap to 170 Mbps. The new modem, 
an XB7, should make the SQM in the router unnecessary. (I might still need 
the router to shield my LAN from the modem's DHCP server, if it can't be 
disabled. I want my clients to use my own DNS server and static DHCP 

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