[Bloat] Really getting 1G out of ISP?

Giuseppe De Luca dropheaders at gmx.com
Tue Jun 22 03:44:08 EDT 2021

Also a PC Engines APU4 will do the job
(https://inonius.net/results/?userId=17996087f5e8 - this is a
1gbit/1gbit, with Openwrt/sqm-scripts set to 900/900.  ISP is Sony NURO
in Japan). Will follow this thread to know if some interesting device
popup :)


On 6/22/2021 6:12 AM, Sebastian Moeller wrote:
> On 22 June 2021 06:00:48 CEST, Stephen Hemminger <stephen at networkplumber.org> wrote:
>> Is there any consumer hardware that can actually keep up and do AQM at
>> 1Gbit.
>          Over in the OpenWrt forums the same question pops up routinely once per week. The best answer ATM seems to be a combination of a raspberry pi4B with a decent USB3 gigabit ethernet dongle, a managed switch and any capable (OpenWrt) AP of the user's liking. With 4 arm A72 cores the will traffic shape up to a gigabit as reported by multiple users.
>> It seems everyone seems obsessed with gamer Wifi 6. But can only do
>> 300Mbit single
>> stream with any kind of QoS.
> IIUC most commercial home routers/APs bet on offload engines to do most of the heavy lifting, but as far as I understand only the NSS cores have a shaper and fq_codel module....
>> It doesn't help that all the local ISP's claim 10Mbit upload even with
>> 1G download.
>> Is this a head end provisioning problem or related to Docsis 3.0 (or
>> later) modems?
> For DOCSIS the issue seems to be an unfortunate frequency split between up and downstream and use of lower efficiency coding schemes .
> Over here the incumbent cable isp provisions  fifty Mbps for upstream and plans to increase that to hundred once the upstream is switched to docsis 3.1.
> I believe one issue is that since most of the upstream is required for the reverse ACK traffic for the download and hence it can not be oversubscribed too much.... but I think we have real docsis experts on the list, so I will stop my speculation here...
> Regards
>           Sebastian
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