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Agreed, AQM is like an emergency brake. Go ahead and keep it but hope to 
never need to use it.

> Hi Bob,
> I like your design sketch and the ideas behind it.
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>> The 6G is a contiguous 1200MhZ. It has low power indoor (LPI) and very 
>> low power (VLP) modes. The pluggable transceiver could be color coded 
>> to a chanspec, then the four color map problem can be used by 
>> installers per those chanspecs. 
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_color_theorem
> 	Maybe design this to be dual band from the start to avoid the up/down
> "tdm" approach we currently use? Better yet go full duplex, which
> might be an option if we get enough radios that not much
> beamforming/MIMO is necessary? I obviously lack deep enough
> understanf=dingwhether this makes any sense or is just buzzword bingo
> from my side :)
>> There is no CTS with microwave "interference" The high-speed PHY rates 
>> combined with low-density AP/STA ratios, ideally 1/1, decrease the 
>> probability of time signal superpositions. The goal with wireless 
>> isn't high densities but to unleash humans. A bunch of humans stuck in 
>> a dog park isn't really being unleashed. It's the ability to move from 
>> block to block so-to-speak. FiWi is cheaper than sidewalks, sanitation 
>> systems, etc.
>> The goal now is very low latency. Higher phy rates can achieve that 
>> and leave the medium free the vast most of the time and shut down the 
>> RRH too. Engineering extra capacity by orders of magnitude is better 
>> than AQM. This has been the case in data centers for decades. 
>> Congestion? Add a zero (or multiple by 10)
> 	I am weary of this kind of trust in continuous exponential growth...
> at one point we reach a limit and will need to figure out how to deal
> with congestion again, so why drop this capability on the way? The
> nice thing about AQMs is if there is no queue build up these basically
> do nothing... (might need some design changes to optimize an AQM to be
> as cheap as possible for the uncontended case)...
>> Note: None of this is done. This is a 5-10 year project with zero 
>> engineering resources assigned.
>> Bob
>>> On Tue, Mar 14, 2023 at 5:11 PM Robert McMahon
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>>>> the AP needs to blast a CTS so every other possible conversation has
>>>> to halt.
>>> The wireless network is not a bus. This still ignores the hidden
>>> transmitter problem because there is a similar network in the next
>>> room.
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