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It's time to break this discussion off into its own list, isn't it?

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> If I'm reading things correctly, the per fire alarm power rating is 120V
> at 80 mA or 9.6 W. The per power FiWi transceiver estimate is 2 Watts
> per spatial stream at 160MhZ and 1 Watt for the fiber. Looks like a
> retrofit of a fire alarm system would have sufficient power for FiWi
> radio heads. Then it's punching a few holes, run fiber, splice, patch &
> paint which is very straightforward work for the trades. Rich people as
> early adopters could show off their infinitely capable in-home network.
> Installers could do a two-for deal, buy one and I'll install another in
> a less fortunate community.
> https://www.thespruce.com/install-hardwired-smoke-detectors-1152329
> Sharktank passed on the Ring deal - imagine having a real, life-support
> capable, & future-proof network vs just a silly doorbell w/camera.
> Bob
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