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Sat Mar 25 18:57:43 EDT 2023

On Sat, Mar 25, 2023 at 3:04 PM Robert McMahon <rjmcmahon at rjmcmahon.com>

> My opinion is poor people shouldn't have to pay for insurance to insurance
> companies, companies that figure figures for a living.

Be sure to be out there campaigning at every election. Really off-topic,
but IMO the current scheme of health insurance keeps many people from going
into their own business, and keeps them working for large companies. I'm
sure that's deliberate. Valerie works for the University, which is the only
thing that kept me under health insurance - I'm just a consultant.
California would give me a plan today, but most states would not.
November's heart attack cost $359K, the insurance company negotiated 60K
away and paid the rest, charging me $125. Prices aren't going to fall
unless we get single-payer like most civilized countries. Somebody *does *have
to pay for health care, though, and the choices are out of your pocket, or
in your taxes, or through inflation.

A digression: I could do an LMR 600 passive cable system looped with
> Wilkinson power dividers, patch antennas and nests to protect the egress
> escape ladder for about $10 to $15K. Don't need an SLA. We've basically
> priced protecting human lives to only rich people.

If it's going indoors between the units, you need plenum-rated cable. LMR
is really pricey in plenum-rated, RG-6 is more than adequate and more
reasonably priced. RF between units is a legacy medium, though, there
should be plenum-rated CAT-8. The dividers can be of the sort specified for
cable TV. Wilkinson would be overkill and this is just a tiny toroid
transformer in the box.

The very best way to future proof is not with any sort of wire or fiber,
but with conduit with lots of room, that can be re-pulled.

I think it's on us to do similar for digital communication networks.
> They're needed far beyond entertainment, and we need to get public safety
> elements engaged too.

I'm really dubious. Anyone who has to cope with the cost is going to hear
the siren call of wireless no matter how inappropriate it is to the task.
You will be lucky if fiber makes it to urban buildings.
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