[Bloat] cloud gaming on a comeback?

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> I miss the days when teams could operate their own game servers on
> colo'd equipment. I ran several Tribes 2 servers for my team 20 years
> ago on a Linux server I shipped to a game hosting company in Kansas
> City. We also ran some of the early Battlefield servers. There were a
> lot of game servers like that. But the game publishers switched to
> operating their own servers to prevent teams from running servers that
> unlocked all the gated content, such as bonus weapons that a player had
> to earn with months of play. That was when I stopped playing those games.

I tested the fq_codel for wifi code against ioquake3. It works. Using
edca also works. If the big telcos got behind twitchy games big-time,
sponsoring teams running over their technologies, perhaps progress
would be made. It could become like NASCAR....

Regrettably i find the current generation of games like CoD too
realistic. It is one thing to shoot a daemons, gleefully, another to
shoot at people.
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