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This does a pretty good job of summarizing the benefits, and issues,

behind making gaming a for-pay at the isp service, among other things.

[RR] As I recall, there has been some discussion, largely philosophical,
about gaming in this thread which is interesting to keep in mind.  




In the case of LTE/5G if they could merely deliver a solid home gaming

experience, it would be a win... and they still can´t.

[RR] We can debate whether a “solid gaming experience” is a win (and for
whom:-)), however that’s for another day.  LTE/5G is nothing more than hype
as far as capacity claims are concerned.  That’s precisely why carriers
“give it away for free”!  When my connection on my phone slows to a crawl,
universally it’s because my phone has autonomously switched to one of the
“super fantastic 5G links”. Little children used to play a game called “BS”;
they still may. I think you know what’s coming next! :-):-):-)





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