[Cake] Cake3 - source code and some questions

Jonathan Morton chromatix99 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 05:58:11 EDT 2015

To answer the later questions first:

Cake is designed for use at the internet edge, and therefore assumes
internet scale RTTs. It does not have any sort of tuning for datacentre
networks. But it does work and has a measurable effect on home LANs, even
though it's not specifically tuned for that.

If there is sufficient demand for cake's features on such networks, then a
flag could be added to provide appropriate tuning for low RTTs. Fq_codel
can already be tuned this way by adjusting the target and interval

Cake does have tuning for low bandwidth links (increasing codel's target
and interval), and has been run (but not yet extensively tested) at 64kbps.

We have cake's code in a git repo, but I don't think we have anonymous pull
access to it. Toke?

- Jonathan Morton
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