[Cake] cake integration woes

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 12:25:43 EDT 2015

I finally had a chance to read over the various bits of code flying in
loose formation.

-1) If you have any mods to cake left to push please push them so I
can get into various builds for the weekend.

0) The main iproute2-cake repo needs to be updated to mainline head or
at least have one patch integrated (which I just did for the
ceropackages build, which does not have everything else integrated yet
(see 5)).

Still don't know how to push an update to it. Why not just use github?

1) the tc code for cake has "diffserv" only which I think defaults to
the diffserv4 setting. I will add a diffserv8 to the command line

2) It is really not clear to me how the relative order of priorities
works on rate unlimited.

3) I really want that squash option. I like being able to build this
thing out of tree, so I can fix and debug easily (and fix the cow
issue also). Am sufficiently lazy to not do it if -1 exists....

4) I don't like the precedence option being in there at all.

5) Somewhere I seem to have misplaced the tc code for fq_pie...

6) Has the testbed been run yet?

Dave Täht
Open Networking needs **Open Source Hardware**


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