[Cake] cake integration woes

Jonathan Morton chromatix99 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 18:42:51 EDT 2015

I've been concentrating on writing material for the paper, so there isn't
any new code right now. There's several things that I'm fairly confident I
know how to implement, but not actually done yet.

If "git push" doesn't work, talk to Toke. It does for me.

In "unlimited" mode, the priority DRR never flips from the
priority-balanced quanta to the bandwidth-balanced ones. This is an
extension of what happens when the shaped rate is above the physical link
rate. Starvation of lower priorities still doesn't happen, but you don't
get the soft bandwidth limits.

The cake3 iproute2 module I pushed originally had separate Diffserv 8 and 4
support, with "diffserv" being a synonym for the newer 4-class one. If the
code renaming has gone and lost that, that's not *my* fault.

- Jonathan Morton
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