[Cake] openwrt build available with latest cake and fq_pie

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sat Jun 13 18:58:52 EDT 2015

Hopefully, by creating a "tc-adv" package (now in ceropackages) we are
nearly at the last step for being able to do builds out of the main
openwrt tree. I am puzzled as to how to correctly override the default
"tc" package, but at least this built and worked for me the first

so you can kill any local mods to the iproute2 package in your own
openwrt builds, and merely add tc-adv to your own build instead, and
build kmod-sched-fq_pie and kmod-sched-cake, and walla!

assuming this is now correct, the next step would be to push tc-adv
into some mainline openwrt repo (routing?) and get it and the kmod-*
stuff built regularly out of their build system. (and then! yea! try
some faster boxes like the linksys ac1900 and see what new breaks!)

Anyway, my barely tested latest build (cake works, at least) is at here:


This also includes the latest cake, although I disagree with jonathon
about the count/2 mod, might as well test.

Dave Täht
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