[Cake] openwrt build available with latest cake and fq_pie

Alan Jenkins alan.christopher.jenkins at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 11:53:21 EDT 2015

On 13/06/2015, Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hopefully, by creating a "tc-adv" package (now in ceropackages) we are
> nearly at the last step for being able to do builds out of the main
> openwrt tree. I am puzzled as to how to correctly override the default
> "tc" package, but at least this built and worked for me the first
> time.
> so you can kill any local mods to the iproute2 package in your own
> openwrt builds, and merely add tc-adv to your own build instead, and
> build kmod-sched-fq_pie and kmod-sched-cake, and walla!
> assuming this is now correct, the next step would be to push tc-adv
> into some mainline openwrt repo (routing?) and get it and the kmod-*
> stuff built regularly out of their build system. (and then! yea! try
> some faster boxes like the linksys ac1900 and see what new breaks!)
> Anyway, my barely tested latest build (cake works, at least) is at here:
> http://snapon.lab.bufferbloat.net/~cero3/lupin/ar71xx/
> This also includes the latest cake, although I disagree with jonathon
> about the count/2 mod, might as well test.

New build still works for my link :).  (15/1M dsl in the UK).

If I want to test cake continuously, I'll need to fix sqm-scripts to
pass the cake ATM options.  I switched back to fq_codel for now (that
worked as well).


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