[Cake] some reference numbers for cake performance on x86_64

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 19:42:48 EDT 2015

This is a set of two hop (client-server through switch) results, with
sch_fq on the nuc client, and cake on the rangeley (ranger) server.

Since we seem to be aiming for sane results from the mvneta, at speeds
at 500mbit...


Do note that this is a live system with other traffic so it is noisy data.

Of note, in looking at this dataset in comparison to mikaels, is that
he only got 360mbit bidirectional on rrul_be - where I get full
throughput. admittedly he seemed to be running using htb as the rate
limiter. Being off by *20%* from the set setting (after subtracting
acks) of 500 mbit however, seems to be an issue.

I will setup another box to do client - router -server this week.

Dave Täht
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