[Cake] cake stats 1+ stuff not big on

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 18:40:37 EDT 2015

what does 1+ mean?

I do not like this because it really messes with simple parsers of the
resulting data. Key/vaue pairs only please. I have similar feelings
about "way inds", and would prefer that sort of stuff way-inds.

root at lakshmi:~/git/sch_cake# tc -s qdisc show dev wlan0
qdisc cake 8001: root refcnt 5 unlimited squash flows raw
 Sent 53144408 bytes 154976 pkt (dropped 4280, overlimits 0 requeues 467)
 backlog 30554b 0p requeues 467
           Class 0
  rate          0bit
  target       5.0ms
interval     100.0ms
Pk delay        17us # no like this also for parsing reasons.
Av delay         3us
Sp delay         0us
  pkts         56588
way inds        4814
way miss          90
way cols           0
  bytes     14872621
  drops         3417
  marks            0
  flows      1+    2 # no like this for parsing reasons
lastlen           66
max len         1514

Dave Täht
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