[Cake] Coding Style changes

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Sun Oct 4 16:00:21 EDT 2015

On 04/10/15 20:42, Dave Taht wrote:
> I agree that we are very close to being done enough for submittal
> upstream. While I have some issues with the codel implementation, it
> would be easy to fix after we get more testing done.
> I have all day set aside tomorrow with jesper to look this over and
> get some 10gigE testing done.  Kevin, if you want to hand back the
> pen, and if jon remains silent on the other global changes, I have
> high hopes to make a serious dent on the issues remaining.
You have the pen ;-)  I notice you've merged all the stuff I've sent so
far, great stuff!
Today has been busier than expected so not as much done on style as I
hoped, probably not worth sending in to be honest.
Good luck for tomorrow, sounds like a busy day.  Let me know when it's
'settled' and I'll happily pick up what I can.


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