[Cake] Update kernel version check in cake

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Tue Sep 29 05:42:49 EDT 2015

On 29/09/15 00:01, Jonathan Morton wrote:
> I actually had the version check fix locally, but for some reason it
> hadn't been picked up by a push yet.
Yep, I have those moments.  Just when I think I've got git sussed it
goes and does something completely logical but totally unexpected :-)
> Squashing would involve writing to the TOS byte, which is already done
> by ECN marking, via a helper function.
Ah, so if I can work out how that's done I'm 50% of the way there. 
Should keep me amused for a few days.
> I tried removing the cow stuff once before.  Everything promptly
> stopped working until I put it back.  I have no idea why.
Well here's interesting.  I got brave and put my suggested change into
action.  So far: 1) router not blown up  2) tc -s still shows traffic in
different Classes (Dave, I prefer your term 'Bin' here too - I
considered 'Bucket' for a laugh) which suggests the reading of ip_hdr is
still working. 3) This hasn't been thoroughly tested in any way
whatsoever but i've tried diffserv4 & besteffort and both don't appear

Pull request: https://github.com/dtaht/sch_cake/pull/6

> - Jonathan Morton

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