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Sat Apr 23 05:46:32 EDT 2016

Hi Alec,

A brief appearance from me whilst I have a spare few seconds.

Not stupid!

There’s an obvious question: Why are Billion still shipping buffer bloated devices?  Have they been sent graphs/demos/logs of how their kit is faulty?

To offer some hopefully constructive pointers:  For FTTC service I’m guessing you’ll be using the Billion as a vdsl modem.  Who’s the ISP?  AFAIK anyone other than Sky will need to run PPPoE and hence hit the 1492 MTU restriction *unless* the Billion supports mini jumbo frames on the ethernet side and the PPPoE MTU extension (the rfc number escapes the brain at the moment)  Sky don’t use PPP and just run ethernet frames over PTM…..the way it should be.  The incoming packets from ISP to you are policed at something close to sync rate, this is part of the BT specification.  The uplink of course can be as bloated as hell ;-)

I use an Archer C7 with BT’s equally horrendously bloated HG612 vdsl modem on a 40/10 link with sky as my isp.  In terms of CPU usage it’s about 1% per megabit so a full 40/10 uses around 55% cpu, I think there’s enough for your 60/20…just.  https://middling.me.uk/blog/2015/03/customising-openwrt-to-my-needs/ offers further advice which I found useful.


On 22 Apr 2016, at 23:01, Alec Robertson <alecrobertson13 at gmail.com<mailto:alecrobertson13 at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi all,

I’ve been out of the bufferbloat game for a while and want to try and beat it once again.

I’ve got an FTTC connection (UK) which I get around 60Mbps on but with horrible bufferbloat on my Billion 8800NL. What router should I get that can run OpenWRT and handle this connection? Do the newest builds of OpenWRT have cake built-in now via sqm-scripts or would I need to install this manually. If so, how would I do this?

Would appreciate any help and apologies if I come off in any way stupid.

Alec Robertson
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