[Cake] CAKE tested on 3g connection in modem mode.

Loganaden Velvindron loganaden at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 00:23:29 EDT 2016

Hi folks,

My setup:
tp-link archer c7 v2 with Huawei E355-s2 in modem mode, not Hilink
mode. I've use the AT commands to make modem mode permanent.

ISP: MTML Mauritius.

modem mode uses 3 as txqueuelen.

Before using the hilink mode:

Currently, I'm getting around 3.0Mbit/s, so I set it to 2.5Mbit/s, and
upload cap at 512Kbit/s, with an RTT of 500ms using "piece of cake".

Results (Bufferbloat score varies from A to B, and rarely A+. Due to
latency spikes, this is to be expected somewhat. I'm doing the test
using a laptop which uses fq_codel and txqueuelen of 0, which have
become the default for me since a while):


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