[Cake] Configuring cake for VDSL2 bridged connection

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Wed Aug 24 04:52:29 EDT 2016

The 'less wrong' overhead figure is 12.  The incumbent telco BT who 
provide access to the 'last mile' (or the bit from the nearest FTTC 
cabinet and the property) use a VLAN tag, adding another 4 bytes to each 
frame going over the wire.

The above guesswork based on SIN498 http://www.sinet.bt.com/sinet/SINs/  
(and inspection of the default settings on a BT supplied modem)  I offer 
it as in theory being 'less wrong' rather than a practical 'correct'.

On 23/08/16 16:13, techicist at gmail.com wrote:
> Hello,
> Thank you for your quick reply.
>     I take it that one of the DHCPs should read PPPoE?
> Yes, you are quite correct. It should read: "TalkTalk uses DHCP to 
> obtain an IP address and not PPPoE as most other ISPs do." But I think 
> you understood that :)
> My sync speeds on VDSL2 have been very stable for the last 84+ days 
> so my calculated figures will stay the same for some time, I would 
> like to think. My DS sync speed is 58976Kbps and thus I have 
> calculated a reference value of 58068Kbps based on your formula. The 
> US sync speed is 10422Kbps and the reference value for this is 10261Kbps.
> Setting the reference values to 50%, I have: 29034Kbps for the DS; and 
> 5130Kbps for the US. I will test with these numbers shortly. Am I 
> right to assume I can just paste these into the SQM interface on LuCI? 
> I will set the "Queuing discipline" to /cake/ and the "Queue setup 
> script" to /piece_of_cake.qos/.
> I assume also at this stage, to set "Which link layer to account for" 
> as /none (default)/?
> I will then increment the values I have pasted into LuCI (assuming 
> that is correct) as you have said. At this point, with an assumed 
> overhead of 8, do I just choose /Ethernet with overhead.../ and then 
> set the "Per Packet Overhead (byte)" to /8/?
> Is there any benefit of going through UCI?
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