[Cake] Cake with Deep Packet Inspection

Noah Causin n0manletter at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 20:55:27 EST 2016

I finally got my project working.

I integrated the NDPI Deep Packet Inspection engine into my LEDE build, 
so I could prioritize applications using Cake.


NDPI integrates into IPTables, which allows me to DSCP mark packets.  
Cake reads the DiffServ markings and puts the traffic into appropriate 

I found a Makefile which successfully compiles: 

The system works very well.  Steam traffic is deprioritized to allow 
applications like YouTube, Netflix, and Skype to receive higher amounts 
of the available bandwidth.

What I do for ingress is bridge two ports on an extra router, enable 
bridge firewalling, and create IPTables rules to mark downstream 
packets.  The router I use is a D-Link DGL-5500, which is comparable to 
an Archer C7.

IPv6 support is not available in this netfilter module, but the IPv4 
support is great.

Noah Causin

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