[Cake] Recomended HW to run cake and fq_codel?

Lochnair me at lochnair.net
Fri Apr 28 12:39:00 EDT 2017

Hi Erik

I can't speak for what's "recommended" hardware for running CAKE on, but
from experience I can say that CAKE runs quite well on the EdgeRouters.
The EdgeRouter platform does not have CAKE support built-in, so I
maintain pre-compiled binaries here:

In terms of expected performance, I've seen tests on the ER-Lite come
out at about ~80Mb/20Mb on a 200Mb/20Mb link. I've not been able to do
any "perf" runs on it myself, as my only one is in production. I don't
have an ER-X, but one of the guys on the UBNT forum claimed to get
~120-140 Mbit symmetric on the ER-X model.

Best Regards

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