[Cake] cake vs fqcodel with 1 client, 4 servers

xnor xnoreq at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 17:39:24 EST 2017

>As a reminder, noticeable loss of throughput occurs only when there are 
>a lot of concurrent flows (>16, on my connection).
>To my knowledge and testing, ingress mode has been behaving like this 
>from the beginning.
I'm using the old cobalt branch with the version after ingress mode was 

tc-cake is configured with ingress mode and bandwidth 18800Kbit.

Downloading from a server with 2x16 connections using two aria2c 
processes, ~35ms ping latency to the server, I get about 18.7 Mbit/s 
received bytes on the interface (/proc/net/dev).
The remaining gross download rate is about 17.3 Mbit/s. That also 
matches the qdisc stats (drops/pkts = roughly 8%).
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