[Cake] set filtered acks to bulk mode

Jonathan Morton chromatix99 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 01:08:41 EST 2017

This is all sorts of wrong.

First, setting the enum isn't sufficient to actually make the flow bulk.
You need to move it to the bulk queue-of-queues and update the stats
counters too.  That's probably why it's crashing for Ryan.

Second, I fail to see why this is necessary or even desirable.  If there
are enough acks to activate the filter, then I assume it should be treated
as bulk already.  Or, if the filter itself thins out the acks enough to
make it sparse, then it still makes sense to deliver those acks timely so
as to maximise the reduced information they carry.  Remember too that Codel
implements head drop precisely to minimise the feedback lag via ack.

- Jonathan Morton
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