[Cake] 5ms target hurting tcp throughput tweakable?

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 13:02:04 EST 2017

Sebastian Moeller wrote:
> Looking at tc-adv, I would recommend to use “rtt 50” (maybe it is
> “rtt 50ms”) which allows to directly explicitly request a new
> “interval” (which IIRC is corresponding to the time you allow for
> the TCP control loop to react to cake’s ecn-marking/dropping)
> “target’ will be calculated as 5% of the explicit interval, in
> accordance with the rationale in the codel RFC.

50 is certainly better than 10, but still seems to hurt single a bit
even on a close server.

On more distant servers maybe even more - I am getting results that are
too variable to tell properly at the current time (of day).


Almost OK, but with 100ms this test usually shows x1 and x6 the same.


Of course as we all know ingress shaping is a different beast anyway and
would deserve its own thread.

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