[Cake] ack filter rrul result at 1000/100

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> This is a much saner test result[1], showing about a 20% improvement
> under the rrul_be test. I scaled back the topology to two instances of
> cake on the middlebox, shaping to 100mbits on one side and 10mbits on
> the other, and flipped filtering on or off. The win will improve more
> with upload/download ratios of ever worse than 10/1, and the rrul is
> not exactly a test of real traffic.
> What other ratios are out there, particularly in the dsl world?

That’s quite nice. Attached is the ADSL connection info for what I had before I found FreeNet. I don’t miss this connection at all, _except_ that it might have been nice for testing this. 2048 / 135 kbit, that’s around 15 : 1.

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