[Cake] new patchset for upstream net-next

gamanakis at gmail.com gamanakis at gmail.com
Sat Nov 25 23:38:49 EST 2017

I am currently testing latest net-next with both sch_cake and
nf_conntrack compiled as integrals (Y instead of M). So far it works as
expected (previous build was 4.9.64, sch_cake out-of-tree, and
nf_conntrack as module).

Are there any specific tests you would like me to run?

I am attaching the patch I used.


On Sat, 2017-11-25 at 20:27 -0500, George Amanakis wrote:
> I am giving it another try. nf_conntrack was built as a module. I am 
> rebuilding on a clean dir, nf_conntrack set as integral this time.
> Will 
> report soon.
> George
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