[Cake] A few puzzling Cake results

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Wed Apr 18 14:11:02 EDT 2018

Jonas Mårtensson <martensson.jonas at gmail.com> writes:

> Dave, in the thread referenced earlier that led to this change you said:
> "The loss of throughput here compared to non-ingress mode is a blocker for
> mainlining and for that matter, wedging this into lede."
> I'm curious, what would the latency be in Toke's experiment with
> non-ingress mode and with the 4 MTU change reverted? The same as for
> fq_codel?

Yeah, I'm planning to run some more tests with and without ingress mode
and with and without the target scaling. Just need to finish writing up
the paper on Cake first; there's a deadline looming on Friday...


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