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On Tue, Jul 17, 2018 at 12:24 AM Felix Resch <fuller at beif.de> wrote:
> since commercial interest is involved, see here https://lists.bufferbloat.net/pipermail/cake/2018-June/003861.html

I grew that list substantially in the ending talk. It was motivating.
:) I am thinking of doing something similar (with editorial comments)
to each of dslreports' values per ISP, like, for example, leveraging


To kvetch while pointing further to stuff like:


That angst out, ISPs and vendors that want to work with us to
establish requirements and code for a transparent
bridge/veth/cake-like thing are very welcome at any point! The core
factor stopping us from even trying isn't lack of money or time... it
is not knowing of *any* head-end equipment (DSLAM/CMTS/GPON/etc) that
could be modified by us to have better queue management in the first
place, and a transparent bridge seems second best, at best, with
complexities involving ipv6 and ipv4 support, sag, nat, vlans, etc,
etc - so we've focused on fixing the edge device itself, and making
available published open source code and standards in the hope that
some head-end vendor would pick it up... after being suitably nagged
by their ISP customers. Or the sandvine type middlebox folk.

Also, in terms of angst, we hope merely that ISPs would start
supplying CPE that has our stuff in it (particularly since the
aftermarket already has it, and it works in even the cheapest boxes
made today), and either autoconfigure to their set rates, with cake,
or supply that information to their end users to configure. It's been
6 years since the code hit the embedded world.... I'm pleased to say
that "fq_codel for wifi" derivatives seem to propagating rapidly, at
least. Maybe a fortigate or barracuda will ship some kind of smart
queue management one day soon... if enough customers ask for it.
example: https://forum.fortinet.com/tm.aspx?m=163978

on the transparent bridge front... Linux has issues scaling to high
rates *on the receive path* at 10gigE+ speeds.

I've certainly lain awake at night dreaming of what we could do with a
smart line card for a cmts, or even a small dslam.

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