[Cake] [Bloat] Van Jacobson's slides on timing wheels at netdevconf

Matthias Tafelmeier matthias.tafelmeier at gmx.net
Sat Jul 21 09:19:16 EDT 2018

> B) that NIC support seems
> needed. I can think of a lot of things I'd like to have in a NIC
> (which certainly include default timestamping on rx and multiple kinds
> of X-tuple hash) - but hadn't thought about replacing queues entirely!

Still fond of the notion of RX|TX sk buffers wandering into the NIC as
well. Taking the plunge of asking: couldn't "all queuing|wheeling"
necessary be consolidated to the sk buffs in NIC then? TCP buffer
windowing should be fairly agnostic to that, shouldn't it?

Besten Gruß

Matthias Tafelmeier

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