[Cake] [Make-wifi-fast] [Bloat] Van Jacobson's slides on timing wheels at netdevconf

dpreed at deepplum.com dpreed at deepplum.com
Mon Jul 23 13:26:50 EDT 2018

Dave Taht wrote:
> I think the ietf should just rename itself to being DCTF (the data
> center task force) and let some other org arise to take care of the
> internet.

Internetworking is not really what DC's are about. But it's an indication of where investors want to spend their money.

The real "internetworking" challenges are happening, as always, where ownership/control domains make central planning, design and control difficult or impossible.

That is, at the "edges" not the "core". DC's are just another kind of "core".

Wireless (especially ad hoc connectivity wireless) and "IoT" (if done with the sensibility of internetworking at its core) are where internetworking matters.

That's why congestion control and performance are such open-ended problems in internetworking - you need a higher level of abstraction above the "hard standards" like Ethernet, etc. because you can't solve those problems "locally" in the hard-standardized-devices. (that's an "end-to-end argument" - you can't fully solve many internetworking problems in a subnetwork or router).

It's why I don't go to IETF. The attendees have their heads screwed on with crossed threads.

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