[Cake] CAKE related iproute2 & kernel patches - keeping things in sync

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Sun Jul 29 06:05:42 EDT 2018

To whom it may concern (Dave) ;-)

This is a general plea that when patches are submitted to upstream please can we also commit them to our current development repositories.

4.19 isn’t even released yet, so most people, including Openwrt, get cake via our 'out of tree’ repositories.  This is also a good idea from a point of view of testing.  I appreciate the latest changes are of ‘one line’ type variety and so mostly harmless but ideally it should at least be in our own out of tree repo’s first/at the same time.

I had to submit the latest ‘split-gso by default’ patch, accepted to upstream, manually to our own cake repo for Toke to commit.  I note with some distress that there’s an ‘iproute2’ upstream patch pending to enable the userspace side of the same thing that currently is NOT in the ‘tc-adv’ repo.

Dare I also suggest that a man page update would be appreciated by iproute2-next too.

The above would make the ‘Cake for Openwrt’ maintainer very happy ;-)


Kevin D-B

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