[Cake] cake in dd-wrt

Sebastian Gottschall s.gottschall at newmedia-net.de
Wed Aug 21 03:47:33 EDT 2019

Am 21.08.2019 um 01:50 schrieb Dave Taht:
> Sebastian Gottschall <s.gottschall at newmedia-net.de> writes:
>> to make it short. i added now fq_codel_fast to dd-wrt too.
> Thank you. I note that it requires a patch that is in tc-adv.
like cake too. i already merged the module. i maintain a own version of tc

which is much smaller. so i had not just to merge, i also had to rewrite 
it a little bit.

my tc version does not support all that useless json crap. so its 
stripped down with no useless stuff

> * Fixed (1024) number of queues
> * NO tc filter support
> * closer to O(1) bulk dropper
> * less deterministic bulk drop
> * gso splitting with very preliminary SCE support
> * ton of stats ripped out
> As to whether or not any of these are "killer" features, I don't know. I
> certainly wouldn't ship it as a built-in package in a final release -
> but I would certainly love to know if it made a difference in cpu use on
> lower end platforms on your userbase.
> Maybe with some feedback from the field I'd be inspired to do more with
> it.

i guess i get some feedback soon since i upload a new build to my 
servers right now and some of the users are quick in response

>> Am 18.08.2019 um 18:33 schrieb Dave Taht:
>>> https://svn.dd-wrt.com/ticket/5796
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