[Cake] Cake implementations

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen thoiland at redhat.com
Fri Nov 22 07:59:29 EST 2019

"Justin Kilpatrick" <justin at althea.net> writes:

>>  An idea which was floated was to experiment with routing ISP customer 
>> >traffic through a Linux server using cake to improve customer 
>>  experience.  Basically like Preseem.  My colleague has toyed with it a 
>> >bit in small test cases and was impressed with the outcomes.
> Althea.net runs Cake at every hop. Since we use Babel to dynamically
> generate the network topology we rely on it's neighbor RTT extension
> and bandwidth counters to reduce the bandwidth over a link when an
> intermediate device has decided to become bloaty.
> It's been a very effective system that results in happier customers
> even when we have weak leaks or crazy failover situations. Usually
> wireless links have to be over provisioned by a factor of 2ish to keep
> latency under control in the face of dynamic interference and other
> external factors. Instead Althea networks have more smaller links then
> back links between each pop.

That's interesting. So you're running CAKE as a (dynamically
configured?) shaper on top of the wireless link? What radio chipsets are
you using and have you benchmarked this against just relying on the
mac80211 FQ implementation (if that is available with your chipset)?


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