[Cake] Cake implementations

Adam Moffett adam at plexicomm.net
Fri Nov 22 08:33:36 EST 2019

>>  Second concern is that many of our equipment vendors already use
>>  Linux. Even Cisco now in some products. Maybe we'll waste our time
>>  trying to roll our own solution and then find that a software update
>>  from a vendor next year gives us everything we needed anyway.
>This would be great, of course, and do go and bug your vendors to solve
>this problem! Note, however, that just because a system is running
>Linux on the control plane, it may be using a hardware-offloaded data
>plane that does not have any of the bufferbloat mitigation features
>(unless the vendor specifically implemented them). I'm hoping that
>*eventually* these things will be ubiquitous across the industry, but
>thus far this has seemed to be an "any decade now" kind of proposition :/
That's a great point.

Is the software more or less CPU independent? Would we run into any 
known problems with a 72-core Tilera platform?

Thanks for all your help and input by the way.

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