[Cake] cake memory consumption

Jonathan Morton chromatix99 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 10:06:21 EDT 2019

If you're able to log in as root, what does "tc -s qdisc | fgrep memory" tell you?

Cake actually does very little dynamic memory allocation.  There's a small amount of memory used per queue and per tin, which should total less than 100KB in "besteffort" mode (which you should be using if you have manual traffic classification).

All other memory consumption is due to packets in the queue, which are allocated by the kernel when they are received, and deallocated when transmitted or dropped.  Cake applies a limit to the memory used by queued packets, generally 4MB by default.  The only way this can be exceeded by more than one packet (transiently, when a packet is enqueued and Cake has to drop other packets to make room) is if there's an unaccounted memory leak somewhere.

If you can find such a leak in Cake, we'll fix it.  But I think it is probably elsewhere.

 - Jonathan Morton

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