[Cake] Why are target & interval increased on the reduced bandwidth tins?

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Wed Jun 24 10:33:39 EDT 2020

Genuine question.  For the reduced bandwidth tins in diffserv3/4/8 a different rate and hence different target & interval values are also calculated.  I get why a target/interval calculation is desirable for the ‘main’ tin - this forms a ‘best case’ of how long each byte takes to transmit and is fundamental to the shaper.  What I’m less clear on is why increased targets & intervals are used for the reduced threshold tins.

To my mind it means those tins can be more ‘bursty’ before codel jumps on them.  That’s possibly ok on an egress path but I’m not so convinced on an ingress path.

Please point out the error in my thinking!


Kevin D-B

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